About Cleaning, Exam, & X-rays

Do you really need regular cleaning, exams, and x-rays?

The frequency may depend upon the health of the teeth and gums of an individual. Consider the advice of a dentist that cleaning must be done every six months. That is just the minimum. Sometimes, more is required for ideal benefits. X-rays and routine examinations are required to help identify some diseases like infection, bone loss, heart disease, gum disease, strokes, and many other issues that might potentially harm your health. Based on your unique needs, we will recommend a specific service that will help make your smile shine out.

How can we help?

We fulfill our mission of providing top-notch care for your teeth. Our skilled dentists and hygienists will recommend the necessary services that will help improve the health of your teeth and gums. It is important to update the x-rays of teeth since it can prevent future problems like a potential removal of teeth, crowns, and root canals. Maintaining a clean mouth is the primary objective of cleaning. The absence of cavities may lead to a clean mouth that is more likely to be free of infection, disease, gum disease, and unsightly decay.

Our dental x-rays have reduced radiation exposure by 90%.

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